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Software Solutions

NSL Mailing offers a wide range of software solutions to help improve the flow of our customers communications in both the digital and hard copy format:

1. Address Accuracy

Improving address data accuracy reduces waste and improves deliverability. Correctly formatted addresses help to qualify for Royal mail volume discounts, while emails and phone numbers can also be improved for easier on-line communications

2. Mail Accounting

Mail accounting software captures usage data from your franking machine(s) in a single location or multiple locations and presents in depth reports to monitor and track postal spend. This feature can be accessed anywhere via the web and gives customers greater visibility of their postage activities.

3. Digitise Documents

Neopost’s Electronic Document Management systems make it simple to scan paper documents to digital format for rapid internal distribution, easy processing and reduced storage. Documents such as invoices and sales orders are routed via predefined workflows and accessible via multiple...

4. Output Management

Neopost’s OMS200 and OMS500 output management software controls document design and adds intelligence to reliably manage production, personalisation and distribution through mail, email and across the web. This makes it much easier to manage multichannel communications in line with customer preferences.

For more information on NSL Mailing’s software solutions please call 01895 814 904.