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Print & Copy

Using NSL Mailing you will be able to access solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers ensuring you have the most suitable device for your print and copy requirements. NSL Mailing offer "best of breed", not only in hardware but software and after sales service.

At NSL Mailing we do not just advise on the functionality and productivity of devices. We are also able to advise on the following:

  • Environmental considerations
  • Document workflows
  • Print controls
  • Management information
  • Software integration
  • Hardware optimisation

On average an organisation will spend over 5% of its total revenue on in-house printing. 87% of companies do not know how much they spend on in-house printing. At NSL Mailing we have been able to save companies in excess of 70% on their in-house printing. We have accomplished this by:

  • Least cost print job routing
  • Least cost print default
  • Migrating from standalone to workgroup devices
  • Print audit data capture
  • Helping companies set cost effective print controls

NSL Mailing we can handle the full end to end process of your solution acquisition:

Product Benchmarking

  • Analysis and availability of multiple market leading manufacturers
  • We will recommend the most suitable solution, not what we have to sell

Acquisition Benchmarking

  • Pre-agreed discounts with all suppliers assuring you "value for money"
  • Multiple Finance companies available - again benchmarking cost of finance

Bespoke Service Offerings

  • Service contracts tailored to individual requirements
  • Fleet management facility
  • Consolidated management information available

Best of Breed through NSL Mailing

  • Outstanding product choice
  • Unrivalled flexibility
  • Unbiased advice