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Postal Tariff Update Download Instructions

 As you are now aware the Royal Mail Tariff is due to change from 26th March 2018.

We would advise that you follow the steps attached ASAP to update your machine.

(The new tariff rates will remain in the background on your machine and become live on the date change).

Neopost Models

Please ensure your machine is connected to your telephone line or LAN network.

Pitney Bowes Models

Please select from the links below for your model and complete steps ASAP however if you have recently added postage or completed a data upload after 1st March your machine may have already downloaded the new rates files.

Once you have followed the instructions, you can check if you have downloaded the rates successfully - Click Here

Frama Models

On Ecomail and Mailmax machines please do the following:

  1. Please connect your franking system to the telephone / fax socket or Frama F-Link you use for re-crediting
  2. Select your highest account and press OK
  3. Enter your password and press OK
  4. Press Info Setup 1
  5. Press Info Setup 2
  6. Press Info Setup 3
  7. Press FramaOnline2
  8. Press Inspection
  9. Press OK
  10. Once the inspection has finished the new tariff will be uploaded
  11. Press the screen once after the inspection has completed and this will return your franking system to the start menu

Note: As you can imagine the servers will be very busy with customers connecting in order to download the new prices, so if you should experience any problems please continue to try again – perhaps early morning or late evening when the servers are less busy.

For Neopost IJ Series or Postal Scales (not linked to franking machine) that require updating please call 0800 276 1071


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