Franking Machine Inks

Not only is NSL Mailing a Royal Mail Authorised Independent Inspector & Maintainer of Franking Machines, we are also an accredited supplier of consumables. We sell OEM and compatible inks, both are great options. To order any consumables please call the sales office on 01895 814904.

NSL Mailing is your number one supplier for genuine franking ink cartridges. By purchasing ink cartridges directly from us, you have the peace of mind that your machine reliability and performance will be optimised. As well as offering genuine inks from the manufacturer’s, we also offer Royal Mail tested compatibles.

Q: Which machines do you supply compatible inks for?

A: We only supply compatible inks for franking machines powered by Pitney Bowes and NeoPost.

Q: Why are NSL Mailing now selling compatible replacement cartridges?

A: As an independent we want to be able to give our customers choice and value for money, that is what a compatible ink brings. Our customers tell us that they want to be able to save money but also want to be sure that using compatible cartridges that we sell, doesn’t affect their warranty or maintenance contract.

Q: Why do so many customers now choose compatible cartridges?

A: The quality of them is now equivalent to the OEM cartridges. The ink is now Royal Mail approved, the print yield is equivalent to EOM’s and they are great VALUE FOR MONEY!

Q: What is the difference between compatible and manufacturer franking machine cartridge inks?

A: The quality of compatible cartridges is the same as the OEM versions – the only real difference is that our value replacement compatibles are much lower priced allowing customers to save considerably on their ongoing franking machine print costs.

Q: Can I use compatible franking machine cartridge inks and labels in my OEM franking machine?

A: Yes, you can. Using our compatible cartridges in your franking machine will not adversely effect your franking machine in anyway and will not invalidate any warranty or maintenance contracts.

‘In 2005 The Office of Fair Trading ruled that the major franking machine manufacturers could not dictate to their customers that only their own supplied ink cartridges could be used. The market was opened up to trade quality compatibles which would not breach service contracts or warranty.’

Q: I have been told that using a compatible cartridge could damage my franking machine. Is this correct?

A: No this is not the case. Our cartridges maintain exactly the same standards as the OEM cartridges and the ink has been tested and approved by Royal Mail. All cartridges are backed by our 12-month guarantee and should you have any problems our national maintenance team will be on hand to resolve them.

Q: Will I notice a difference in print quality with compatible Royal Mail approved ink?

A: No, that’s the purpose of the Royal Mail test. The rigorous testing involves 1000’s of impressions and ensures the quality matches that required by Royal Mail to be able to process and deliver to the required standards.

Q: What shall I do with my empty cartridges?

A: For replacement cartridges we include an empty cartridge returns label with these orders. Do your bit for the environment and send your empty franking machine cartridges back to us so that we can recycle them for you.

Q: What is your returns policy?

A: If on the rare occasion a product is faulty please return it to us for testing and we will replace it straight away free of charge. If you are unsure of which product is correct for your machine please call our dedicated UK based support team on 0800 276 1071.


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