Hybrid Mail

Is creating, managing, distributing, and evaluating your customer correspondence a nightmare? Is the cost of these communications too high, out of control or simply unknown? Are you asking yourself "Is there a better way to that?".

We believe Hybrid Mail doesn't need to be complicated. This is why our technology adapts to you so that you can adapt to your customers. We first listen to you and then build a 100% custom solution that fits your requirements. Nothing more, nothing less. Simply what you need and a happy face at the end.

Technology should help you become more creative. We think that using the right technology increases creativity because you then have more time to focus on the content of your messages.

Choose Your Communication Channel

Adapt your delivery channels to your business needs or to your customers' preferences.

Print, Fold And Send Closer To Your Destination

Have a local office/partner print and fold the regular mail intended to customers in that specific area.

Manage Your Communications All In One Place

Make your life easier and reduce errors by handling your communications and workflows all in one place.

Track And Trace Your Documents Over The Web

Get access to documents status and production information, create regular reports and manage the consumables used in your print and mailing process.

Create Your Communications

Create and save your document templates all in one place for everyone to use.

Aggregate And Organise

Merge your document templates with any data so that your communication pieces can be collected, sorted and prepared for sending, utilizing the greatest Royal Mail discounts i.e. Businessmail Advanced, Mailmark etc.

Distribute Your Communications

The system automatically detects how and where the communication pieces should be sent out and tracks everything for you.

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