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One of the most powerful features of PlanetPress Connect is its ability to listen to digital processes that happen in your organisation. Whether it's a document being sent to the printer, an email being sent or received, an update to a particular folder or a request made to your web server, PlanetPress Connect is always on and ready to trigger processes that you set up and change on your own.

Planet Press Connect reads whatever your current systems output and provides you with the tools and freedom to use data any way you want. Automate processes, move data around, we're telling you, you'll fall back in love with your systems all over again.

Access To All Your Data, Wherever It Is

Automating business process requires access to client information quickly and efficiently so decisions can be made. PlanetPress Connect’s DataMapper tool lets you extract and map data from databases, text files (XML, CSV, TXT), print streams and PDF files so that they become raw data available for you to reuse in any way you want.

Better access to data means:

More Flexibility

The workflow automation tool gives you the ability to work with real-time data so intelligent documents and document workflows can be created.


Clients and suppliers like to know where they stand. Whether you have a web portal or want to print or email account statements, PlanetPress Connect is the solution.

Accurate Data

Up to date information means fewer communication errors, less time spent verifying documents, less worrying, and in general, less grey hair.

No Changes To Your IT System

PlanetPress Connect reads input and output files your systems already handles so you don’t need to worry about implementation or updating any software you already have.

Automation Opportunities

Being able to listen and automate processes, based on triggers such as a customer click in an email, text messages, and QR code scans will save you time and money.

No More Barriers

Legacy mentality keeps customers captive in their current inflexible environment. PlanetPress Connect is here to put you back in control.

Automate Distribution

With PlanetPress Connect, you can send an email or printed communication in a single job. This is why PlanetPress Connect is built an adaptive and customizable toolset that you can play with.

Automate Mail Preparation

Adding variable scan marks makes it possible to automate envelope stuffing using inserters and/or folders, even insert dynamic pages for personalised mailings. PlanetPress Connect can recognise information intended for the same person, merges it into a single envelope, and helps you save you on postage.

Automate Archiving Tasks

With PlanetPress Connect, archiving is automatic. The software creates an index file for any document created, making it easy to retrieve information. The indexing information can be put in a barcode, making it possible to file the document in the desired location automatically when scanning.

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