Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is franking suitable for my company?

A. Franking is the quick and easy way to manage your mail that can save you time and money while projecting a more professional image of your company. It’s cost-effective and easy to use, with a flexible range of products and services – and because you can pay for credit as and when you need it, you’re in complete control of your postage.

Franking machines are used by large corporate companies, government organisations and universities as well as small and medium-size businesses and sole traders. There are no restrictions on minimum or maximum postage volumes. Postage discounts for franked mail are applied per item, so you qualify for discounts on your post regardless of how many items you send.

Q. Where and how can I post franked mail?

A. Royal Mail will supply you with pouches, trays or mailbags to help you with the correct presentation of your mail. These can be obtained free of charge once your franking machine has been set up.

Franked mail can be handed in at your local Post Office or Mail Centre or it can be posted in a franked mailbox. Franked mail must not be posted in a regular post box unless you are using low volume posting envelopes.

Q. Are there any restrictions or conditions I should be aware of?

A. You must be issued with a license from Royal Mail before you start using a franking machine.

Royal Mail can withdraw permission to use a franking machine for any contravention of the terms and conditions of use or if for any other reason they believe the machine has been misused.

It is a requirement of the licence that you keep your franking machine in good working order and have it inspected at least once per year by a company approved to carry out this work.

You must tell Royal Mail and your machine manufacturer or supplier if any of your company details change.

The franked impressions produced by your machine must be clear and legible. It must include the date of posting and the correct postage rate for the item’s size, weight and destination.

You must present your mail in accordance with the terms and conditions of your franking machine licence, segregating it by class and service, in bundles facing and oriented the same way.

Q. Are there any other benefits to using a franking machine?

A. In addition to qualifying for discounts on all your postage costs, franking your mail is an easy way to project a more professional image of your company. By customising your franking mark, you can include your company name and logo, as well as your return address, on every item of post you send. You could also use your franking impression to carry a specific advertising message, draw attention to an offer or promotion or just to build awareness of your brand and the services you offer meaning every item of mail you send becomes an advertising opportunity

The highly visible franking impression creates a consistent identity across every mailing, regardless of the size, colour or shape of your envelope stocks. This helps to reinforce your brand and create consistency throughout the customer journey.

Plus, as well as giving a good impression to your customers, it makes your mail easier to process, which reduces the risk of delays when it comes to delivery.

Posting using franking impressions means your mail will be instantly recognisable and the assurance that it’s from a familiar source will be welcomed by your customers; a great way to improve customer relations instantly.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. NSL customer support is open Monday-Friday from 9.00am – 5.30pm

Q. How Can I Change my billing/delivery address?

A. Please email or send us a letter to inform us of the address change

Q. There have been a number of staff changes and I need some training for new staff on the NSL machine.

A. This can be arranged. Please call our Head office support team on 0800 276 1071 or simply email

Q. I printed the wrong amount of postage with my Franking Machine. Can I receive a refund for this?

A. Yes, you can obtain a claim form by contacting the Royal Mail on 08457 740740

Q. What is Scan Once Print Many?

A. An Analogue copier scans the original once for every copy made. Therefore 20 copies would require 20 scans. This can cause fluctuation levels of copy quality across multiple copies. Digital Copiers, however, scan the original once and the digital image is placed into memory. It is then printed out as many times as required. Digitals do not suffer from this as the original image is repeated from memory is used again and again to produce the required number of copies.

Q. What is Duplex?

A. The copier has double-sided output function, so both sides of the sheet are printed on simultaneously.

Q. What is Sorting?

A. The copier sorts copies into sets. 10 originals copied 10 times using 'sort' would give 10 identical sets.

Q. What is Grouping?

A. This is when copies are grouped together, where 10 originals, copied 10 times using group produce all page number 1s together, all page number 2s together etc.

Q. What is Bypass tray?

A. This is the side tray on most machines. It allows the loading of heavier paper or card. It is also designed as a quick access tray to save stocking the main paper trays to load just a few different sheets of paper or card.

Q. What is a RADF?

A. Automatic Document Feeder. Sheet feeder on top of the machine that allows up to 100 sheets, to be loaded and automatically fed in scanned and returned by the feeder.

Q. What is LCC/LCT?

A. Large Capacity Cassette or Tray. It holds a larger amount of paper stock than a normal tray. 1000 to 3000 sheet LCC/LCT are common-place depending upon model of machine.

Q. What does MFP stand for?

A. Multi-function printer


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