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Today, large organisations and small and medium-sized businesses operate under competitive and economic pressure to improve customer experience while cutting costs and increasing efficiency. OMS-500 enables you to face these challenges and quickly produce enriched, personalized and secure customer communications.

Whether you have a centralized production center or many distribution facilities, the OMS-500 gives you complete control over your customer communications processes. It's all that you need to create compelling, personalized documents and deliver them to the right person, at the right time, through their preferred channel.

Improved Security and Postal Optimization

OMS-500 allows users to define which document should go into which communication piece. It can sort and collate documents to avoid sending multiple items to the same recipient, and it secures the content of each communication piece. Users can also customize their documents to comply with postal regulations and avoid undeliverable mail issues, reducing the costs of unnecessary postage and lost productivity.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The OMS-500 was designed to enable business users to own their customer communications, with simple access via their web-browser. It is extremely easy to configure in order to meet specific requirements and standards without changing source applications and without major IT involvement. It's web-based intuitive interface offers instant feedback on various jobs and allows users to define and run new document configurations.

Engaging Customer Communications

OMS-500 allows you to access and use content to create a better experience for your customers and turn your communication into multiple conversations. Adding personalized marketing messages, overlays or enclosures to a document has never been so easy. OMS-500 helps you to maximise the impact of each customer communication piece and improve customer satisfaction, eliminating the cost of printing and storing pre-printed documents.

Process Automation & Multichannel Delivery

OMS-500 offers centralized post-processing and distribution, enabling communications to be produced by different departments, at different times and in different geographical locations across your business. It also helps you make sure you communicate with your customers via the media they have chosen: print, email, web,.... With OMS-500's built-in multichannel capabilities, businesses use one single environment to produce either digital or print documents.