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Do you need to send a growing number of documents to your customers? Are you thinking of adding inserts to your communications? Or are you simply looking for a more efficient solution that will make document preparation for your folder inserter much easier?

The OMS-200 software solution simplifies and centralizes the preparation of all your customer communications for our folder inserters. It allows you to:

  1. Automate the creation of optical marks on documents before printing (OMR, barcode, 2D).
  2. Send the right document with the right insert to the right customer in a fast and cost-efficient way.
  3. Automatically handle mail with a variable number of pages to save time.
  4. Merge different documents for the same customer into one envelope to save money on postal costs.
  5. Sort you mail into different batches.


Most enterprises often send the same type of documents, for example invoices, with the same format to their customers. This involves manually configuring a document each time. Thanks to the OMS-200 you no longer have to worry about spending time on this task as the built-in template machanism automatically reproduces each step of your document preparation. And once a template has been created it can be applied to any documents uploaded to OMS-200.


The OMS-200 merging capacity groups documents sharing one single criterion, such as customer ID, into a single communications piece. This ensures customers receive all their documents at once in the same envelope. OMS-200 enables you to sort documents, using one single criterion, helping you to optimize the way you handle postal rates. This tool also enables you to upgrade to OMS-500 for a more powerful multichannel communications solution.


OMS-200 is available to all employees thanks to the web-based installation and is easy to set up thanks to its WYSIWYG interface. Thanks to a centralized installation, OMS-200 can be accessed simultaneously by everyone in your enterprise. It is compatible with most web browers and all the functionalities are available to all users.