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Document Management

Digitising documents can improve efficiency of workflows and business agility. It can help capture, digitise and centrally manage incoming mail and process information. You can save time, reduce workload, satisfy customers and manage processes from end to end.

Efficiently handling incoming customer communications is a challenge. Documents arrive by so many channels (mail, email, SMS, MMS, FoIP, even fax!) and in many different formats like Word, Excel and images. For every piece of information that arrives, the receiving organization has to understand what it is, decide what to do with it, and then route it to the appropriate person, system or business process.

There Is An Easier Way To Manage Inbound Documents

  • Scan physical documents to digital.
  • Capture important information from mail and email for processing, without need for manual keying.
  • Distribute to the right person through defined routing.
  • Process automatically to achieve straight through or minimal touch processing for automation.
  • Archive documents reliably to allow easy retrieval and regulatory compliance.

Reduce Operational Costs:

  • Reduce overheads, including storage space.
  • Reduce expensive manual processes.
  • Save staff time.
  • Avoid fines for non-compliance with regulations.

Boost Productivity:

  • Increase staff efficiency.
  • Speed up classification and delivery to correct teams for processing.
  • Quicker decision making and early intervention.

Improve Service Levels:

  • Process offers and disputes faster. Identify complaints/disputes at an early stage to prioritise and resolve before becoming an issue.
  • Improve SLA with reduced turnaround times.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through faster response times.
  • Retain easily accessible record of client correspondance.

Compliance & Process Management:

  • Streamline and standardise business processes. Manage information processing step by step.
  • Deliver clean, accurate information into the right system.
  • Improve error rate across the enterprise by eliminating the errors and exceptions that come from manual processing.