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Data Improver

Organisations & Addresses

Data improver is a powerful, easy-to-use data cleansing tool. It will check your data against the Royal Mail Postal Address File - 'PAF'. The Royal Mail manages the complete UK database for every know address you could deliver a mail piece to - making this the most powerful database to verify against.

National Change of Address

We offer access to the Royal Mail NCOA suppression file. This will flag who in your database have moved address and enables quicker communications of marketing or critical information, such as statement, bills or advisories. There are 43 million entries within NCOA, over 100k additions are made monthly.


The Bereavement register enables you to identify and remove those records where the individual has passed away. On average a deceased person will receive over 80 items of mail following their death, and with 600k deaths a year in the UK, this amounts to a lot of wastage. By stopping mailing in such instances you reduce unecessary expenditure and, more importantly, avoid causing further upset at a particularly distressing time.

Mail Preference Service

The Mailing Preference Service was created by the direct marketing industry to enable those who do not want to receive direct marketing mail to have their details removed from mailing lists. This is an important qualifying component for the tariff-reducing Advertising Mail products offered by the Royal Mail.

Telephone & Email Convention

Data Improver will run a check on your phone numbers and email addresses. It will flag when the contact number has too many or few numbers and check that email domains are correct and complete.

Address Cleansing Benefits

Take advantage of the best tariff cost reductions by using the Royal Mail standard to unlock tariffs that could save you up 40% on the tariff you pay today.