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AIMS Software

Businesses today face a multitude of regulatory issues and customer demands to guarantee the integrity of sensitive business communications.

Failure to meet those diverse standards could result in substantial financial loss and jeopardise hard-won customer relationships. The combination of Output Management software and folder inserters offers huge flexibility in personalisation and improved control over mail production runs.

However more complex production jobs require close control to avoid errors that can stem from handling paper at high speed. AIMS (Automated Inserter Management System), is the ideal way to ensure that high volume batches are accurately fulfilled with real time error alerts and reports on job completion.

AIMS provides two mail solutions in one: real-time information and statistics to manage your mail center and a new window into your operation. The AIMS application delivers peace of mind, value and the level of reliable service you deserve. It's fast verification capability confirms that every piece of mail in your job has been processed accurately, providing complete "closed loop," piece level integrity.

Mail Piece Integrity & Security

AIMS software harnesses the integrated integrity built into IMOS to deliver complete process verification. In addition we can employ our Output Management Software (OMS) to enhance the complete closed loop validation process.

What Is Closed Loop Verification?

AIMS verifies, in real time, that each of your mail pieces in the database of documents in your mailing job has been completed. When missing, duplicate, or unmatched business documents are identified, AIMS updates the data in real time and establishes records for reprocessing. AIMS creates a reprint file and verifies that replacement documents have
been processed until your job is 100 percent complete. That verification provides the confirmation that compliance requirements are met and your important business communications are secure.

Monitor & Manage

Combining proprietary IMOS and AIMS gives you the power to manage the status of each mail piece precisely while the system monitors and manages all your mail center activities in real time. AIMS real-time access to operational data gives you new visibility into each job, each operator and each inserter, essential information to help run your mail center efficiently and confidently. The system can be set to alert you to any significant event via the Internet. The alert can be sent to a smart phone, tablet or any other communications device of your choice.You can also respond instantly to customer inquiries because piece-level data can also be shared through integrated customer facing systems or service systems.

Dynamic Dashboards

The AIMS application is browser-based and its dashboards are scalable, making the number of real-time views unlimited. Dashboards views can be configured to show the performance of individual inserters and jobs, or combined into a view of the complete mailcenter. AIMS is the perfect choice for mailcenter management while multiple closed-loop jobs run in the background.

Complete Solution

AIMS is versatile. Use it to record simple job names, dates and piece counts for traditional mail jobs. Add a barcode for post-mailing access to individual mail pieces. Use it to “search” for a past business communications or to extract a printed document queued for insertion.