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NSL Mailing offers a wide range of software solutions to help improve the flow of our customer's communications in both the digital and hard copy format:

1. Address Accuracy

Improving address data accuracy reduces waste and improves deliverability. Correctly formatted addresses help to qualify for Royal mail volume discounts, while emails and phone numbers can also be improved for easier online communications. Choose whether Data Improver, Satori Capture or Bulk Mailer software best fits your organisation's needs and requirements.

2. Mail Accounting

Mail accounting software captures usage data from your franking machine(s) in a single location or multiple locations and presents in-depth reports to monitor and track postal spend. This feature can be accessed anywhere via the web and gives customers greater visibility of their postage activities.

3. Document Management

Electronic Document Management systems make it simple to scan paper documents to digital format for rapid internal distribution, easy processing and reduced storage. Documents such as invoices and sales orders are routed via predefined workflows and accessible via multiple channels.

4. Output Management

OMS-200 and OMS-500 output management software controls document design and adds intelligence to reliably manage production, personalisation and distribution through the mail, email and across the web. This makes it much easier to manage multichannel communications in line with customer preferences.

5. Planet Press Connect

Times are changing and communications are evolving too. Planet Press Connect is the perfect gateway to manage complex multi-channel communication.

6. PReS Connect

Maybe you're not a large multinational corporation, maybe you need to start sending digital communications on top of your printed mailings? Be smart about the solution you choose, make sure it does both, efficiently. PReS Connect is available either as a perpetual licence with a service plan or through a yearly subscription that includes everything. Choose the licence model that works best for you.

7. Capture OnTheGo

Everything is done through the convenience of a tablet or mobile phone, so your documents go where you go. No more lost or unreadable forms, no more keying in of information. All the information travels electronically, saving time and money—and increasing efficiency.

8. PrintShop Mail Connect

When Wordmail merge function is not enough, PrintShop Mail Connect is there to rescue you. It is easy for anyone to use at the office, allowing you to go further with personalisation than just addressing. Set up and print documents in just minutes.

When you need to send the same communication by regular mail and by email, there is no need to do the work twice. With PrintShop

Mail Connect, the same tool is used to do both so you can share resources and code snippets between the two output types. PrintShop Mail Connect is perfectly tailored for print service providers because it works with any database format and any design, making it possible to help every customer. Its optimised print output allows fast and reliable printing on any digital printer.

9. Hybrid Mail

Choose your communication channel. Adapt your delivery channels to your business needs or to your customers' preferences. Print, fold and send closer to your destination. Have a local office/partner print and fold the regular mail intended to customers in that specific area and benefit from larger Royal Mail postage discounts

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