Letter Openers & Extraction Machines

Quick distribution and processing of incoming mail are important for sales and customer satisfaction. Our letter openers and mail extractors minimise delays. Adding electronic document management software to capture, process and archive will deliver an efficient end to end solution.

A letter opener could greatly improve your mailroom efficiency and ensure your mail reaches its recipient quicker, with the result that your mail processing and response can start without delay. Rapid letter opening minimises delay in starting an optimised incoming mail workflow including opening and electronic document management.

Letter Openers and Extraction Machines at a Glance

  • Full mixed and standard mail capability, no sorting required
  • Large envelope hopper
  • 1, 2 or 3 sided opening
  • Pre-programmed jobs
  • Sensor-driven envelope transport
  • Safety - Jam and Idle Shutoff
  • Low noise level
  • Self-explanatory display
  • Quick, safe and easy access to paper path by opening only one cover
  • Compact desktop system


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