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Hosted Telephony Solutions: Your business telephone system in the Cloud

Hosted Telephony, sometimes known as Hosted VoIP, is a Unified Communications solution that does not use hardware based in your business premises.

This means that your business telephone system is hosted in the cloud instead. You make and receive calls using IP Handsets, mobiles or other devices, and the voice traffic is carried over an internet connection which in turn is connected to data centre sitting within the cloud.

What are the business benefits of moving to a Hosted Telephone System?

Be prepared for Disaster

With Hosted solutions, you are protected in the event of a disaster. Calls can be redirected to any location or device as long as you have access to the internet. So if one site goes down, it can still be business as usual for staff and customers alike.

Be ready to grow your business

Hosted systems work on a pay per licence basis. This means scaling up your operations is as simple as purchasing new licences.

Embrace Unified Communications

A main driver for embracing Hosted Telephony is that it is a perfect enabler of unified communications, meaning you can combine several different forms of communications such as data, voice and video, across multiple devices and get them to work in unity as a single solution. This makes your workforce more mobile, adaptable and competitive.

Be more in control of your communications

Companies who prefer the idea of removing physical hardware from sites and managing things remotely are rapidly moving towards this form of telephony. Hosted Telephony is also perfect for companies that don’t have a PBX in place already, and are looking for a minimal capital outlay. In addition, having your telephony hosted in the cloud means no physical maintenance issues related to an on-premise PBX. It means an easy to manage system which is often provided as a fully supported service should you need extra resources.

Move from Cap-ex to Op-ex

Buying a new business phone system can be expensive in terms of the initial outlay, and many companies put off upgrading their infrastructure for this reason. With Hosted, the initial expenditure is limited as there is little hardware to invest in, especially when it comes to a PBX, which is no longer needed. Ongoing costs can easily be planned for due to the pay per licence nature of the solution.

Be more flexible and mobile

No matter how your employees choose to work- from home, from their mobile device, from the office, via hot-desking- everyone should be able to connect to your hosted business communications solution easily and flexibly, via the internet. Workers can access all the tools that office-based employees have access to, such as IM, Voicemail, Email, Video Conferencing and much more. You can adapt to new business scenarios quickly and without interference to their working day.

Be more productive and collaborative

All of the features and productivity-boosting applications available with an on-site PBX are also available with our Hosted solution. Call transfers, pick-ups, diverts, hunt groups and much more- configuration is easy and quick to carry out. Workers can collaborate easily and efficiently and in a number of ways, depending on their working patterns.

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