Business Mail Advanced

The minimum entry level for Business Mail Advance mail will reduce from 500 to 250 mail items/class from the 2nd January 2018. Therefore Business Mail Advance will be able to be used for mailing of 250 items/class or more.

Businessmail Advanced is an efficient and cost-effective way of preparing mail so that addresses can be read by Royal Mail’s sorting machines. And, because you save them time by helping them to sort automatically, you get item based discounts of up to 18.5% based on letter machineability and address accuracy determined by Royal Mail sorting machines, if your business can send over 250 letters per posting batch.


The Royal Mail will give you A4 trays and wheeled containers called Yorks. The letters must be separated into 1st Class and 2nd Class and put into separately labelled trays. The letters must be presented upside down and facing the front of the tray. The trays are then placed into the York.

Completing Sales Orders

We'll forward you to Royal Mail Online Business Accounting. You note posting details on an online sales order. Businessmail Advanced must be recorded on dedicated Sales Orders (ie, without other Royal Mail services except Recorded Signed For). Sales Orders are accessed through your Online Business Account and must be confirmed online before the last collection of the day. A printed copy of the Sales Order must accompany each posting. If you only have one 1st or 2nd Class License Number, choose the relevant service code from the list below when filling out your Sales Order and your License Number will be noted automatically.

  • CLA 1st Class Account
  • CLB 2nd Class Account
  • CLC 1st Class Franked
  • CLD 2nd Class Franked

If you have more than one License Number, select the service occurrence that displays the same License Number as the one on your mail.

If your mailing is picked up in more than one collection, you can include the details of both on a single Sales Order but you must complete a Customer Collection Receipt to go with the first collection, and then confirm and print out your Sales Order for the second collection

Make sure your Sales Order is accurate. The total billed volume will depend on this – Royal Mail’s sorting machines will count the number of items attracting a discount. If you underestimate the posting volumes, you will be billed for the excess volume retrospectively, and no discount will apply to the additional mail items.

Departmental Billing

Any departmental references you include on your Sales Order will appear on your invoice, so make sure you take advantage of departmental billing by including as much information as possible in your Sales Order.

Address Location And Format

The address must be machine printed in a defined area of the letter to be read by Royal Mail sorting machines. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) address specification is recommended to maximise discounts but it is not compulsory.


The Royal Mail will collect the containers of mail.

Professional Support

Our business and the Royal Mail will give you all the help and support you need to make the most of Businessmail Advanced. This includes a list of suppliers who can provide accredited address software, as well as technical information to help you prepare your mail. Royal Mail will also provide equipment such as trays, york cages and labels totally free of charge.

To use Businessmail Advanced you will first need to apply to Royal Mail for your unique license numbers (which need communicating to your machine supplier once received for setting up your Businessmail Advanced logo). The process begins with the Royal Mail Businessmail Advanced application form.

This needs emailing to Royal Mail:

It can be faxed to Royal Mail: 01732 376778

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